Sun Yu-Li


Date of Birth: May 25 1948 •Country of Birth: China

Sun Yu-li, Architect-turned-Sculptor, was the winner of the prestigious 1991 Republic of China (ROC) Modern Sculpture Award. He was also a Merit Award winner of the IBM Art Award 1990.


University of Illinois, USA - Master of Urban Planning

Catholic University of America, USA - Master of Architecture

Tung-hai University, ROC - Bachelor of Architecture

Professional Qualifications

Member of Modern Art Society, Singapore and Member of Singapore Art Society

Member of Royal Australian Institute of Architects (ARAIA)

Registered Architect, NSW, Australia and Registered Architect, Taiwan, ROC

He works with bronze, the bold and unsophisticated material which the sculptor describes as soft, warm and close to the heart. His method of sculpting, which he developed, is unique. Instead of using the conventional clay, he uses cardboard shapes, stacking up layers, and slowly building and shaping them. This method characterizes his quest for simplicity. The search for the origin of the first 'dot', from which comes the line, and then the plane, and finally the volume, which becomes the physical embodiment of his ideas. His works have been described as simple but yet profound; shapes that have evolved from basic and primitive forms, revealing his deep understanding of the oriental philosophical view of space and his inner quest for life's higher order, blending yin and yang, void and solid. Only when a person comes face to face with Sun's works will he fully comprehend the mind of the Artist and his purpose of keeping the sculpture simple. For therein lies a statement of hidden power.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

China Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, ROC

National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

Selected Public & Private Collections

"Reaching II"/Bronze/180(H)x600(W)x150(D)cm 1997,UE Square, Singapore

"BC-AD"/Bronze/165(H)x165(W)x115(D);90(H)x90(W)x60(D)cm 1997, NTU School of Communication Studies, Singapore

"Harmony IV"/Bronze/115(H)x65(W)x45(D)cm 1996, APEC Sculpture Garden, Manila, Philippines

"Rest" /Bronze/65(H)x85(W)x65(D)cm 1996, China Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China

"Abundance III"/Bronze/360(H)x360(W)xl00(D)cm 1995,Suntec City, Singapore and "Harmony"/Bronze/800(H)xl20(W)xl20(D)cm 1995, Chung-Cheng Park, Keelong, Taiwan, ROC

"Heaven & Earth"/Bronze/240(H)x300(W)x2l0(D)cm1995, Private Collection, Aarhus, Denmark

• "Yin Shang"/Bronze/65(H)x20(W)x8(D)cm 1994, Kaoshiung Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, ROC • "Desire"/Bronze/32(H)x48(W)x40(D)cm 1994, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, ROC • "Vitality"/Bronze/500(H)xl70(W)x85(D)cm 1994, Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore

• "Jing Jin"/Bronze/38(H)x25(W)xl2(D)cm 1992, Nat'l IT Award, National Computer Board, Singapore • "Predestined"/Bronze/150(H)xl20(W)x34(D)cm 1992,Chancery Park Condominium, Singapore • "Reaching"/Bronze/228(H)x228(W)xl00(D)cm 1992, Ministry of National Development, Singapore • "Loose"/Bronze/50(H)x30(W)x20(D)cm 1992, Hyatt Regency, Singapore

 «Born Free»/Bronze/21(H)x6l(W)xl5(D)cm 1993, Singapore Embassy, Washington D.C., USA «Predestined»/Bronze/150(H)xl20(W)x34(D)cm 1992,China Trust Building, New York, USA «Fluttering»/Bronze/75(H)x240(W)x36(D)cm 1992,  Colección privada, Nueva Jersey, EE.UU.

«Jing Jin»/Bronce/38(H)x25(W)xl2(D)cm 1992, Nat’l IT Award, National Computer Board, Singapur «Predestinado»/Bronce/150(H)xl20(W)x34(D)cm 1992,Chancery Park Condominium, Singapur «Reaching»/Bronze/228(H)x228(W)xl00(D)cm 1992, Ministerio de Desarrollo Nacional, Singapur «Loose»/Bronze/50(H)x30(W)x20(D)cm 1992,  Hyatt Regency, Singapur

• "Born Free"/Bronze/84(H)x244(W)x60(D)cm 1991, Private Collection, Singapore • "Trace"/Bronze/62(H)x90(W)xl0(D)cm 1991, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan, ROC • "Affection"/Bronze/39(H)x60(W)xl8(D)cm 1990, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

• "Heaven & Earth"/Bronze/38(H)x48(W)x34(D)cm1990, Morgan Guaranty Trust Company, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC