Sergey Barskov

Sergey Barskov

Born 1958, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

1975-80 University of Nizhny Novgorod, Architecture Department 1980-85 Academy of Fine Arts of Moscow 1975-80 University of Nizhny Novgorod, Architecture Department 1980-85 Academy of Fine Arts of Moscow Sergey Barskov was born in Russia, in Nizhny Novgorod, in 1958. His first vocation was the architecture, studies that the career kept on finishing in 1980, but soon he discovered that his real vocation was the painting and finished the career registered in the Academy of Fine Arts of Moscow. Of academic formation, he is interested in the reality as topic and development of his work. This is what he feels. Knowing that from realism are opened all the river beds and possibilities, analyzing them and studying them, he decided to continue the steps of the big Russian teachers, from Rokotov up to Illia Repin. Sergey is a heir and continuator, he joins past with the present and develops his esthetic theory in a meticulous, descriptive painting impregnated with a light impressionistic touch.

 For years Sergey Barskov already understood that he was specifying to open his field of action and this way he started exhibiting for the whole Europe. He initiated the journey in Helsinki, later there came London, Paris, Hamburg, Venice and many other cities. Also he had been looking for another space to create and he settled in Spain, attracted by the big teachers of the Spanish painting.

Excellent drawer, he always adds a color explained avoiding any chromatic, immersed impact quite in a soft light, full of tones. Barskov avoids the light effects impacted, inclines his preferences to the soft tonal scales, to the color of harmonious form, always passing for serene river beds. His pictorial force in his quality, in his aptitude to face a wide subject-matter being always able to apply his concepts and reaching his target. Immersed painting in the imagining, of achievement perfectionist that show knowledge and pictorial exceptional qualities. He is a finished painter provided from not common skill to that he can give the precise personal touch. His works always leave trace.

Sergey Barskov beginning his expository career in his country, and very soon, in 1990, he showed his works in Paris. The following year his works were exhibited in Hamburg, London and Helsinki. Shortly after he initiated an European pictorial itinerary that ended up leading him to Spain, attracted by great teachers of the Spanish painting, where he has been settled for years. His painting is deep, serious, perspires authenticity, connected with the great Russian tradition. He inherited it and at the same time he continues it. Through his painting he renders cultured to a rich description, full of details with an ample chromatic unfolding that gets dressed with soft and right lights. With a meticulous brushstroke he captures in the descriptive complexity of his work even the minimum details that makes Sergey Barskov an extraordinary landscape artist. the large amount of his work that we can see in the foundation of the Banco de Sabadell, in that of the Port Authority of Barcelona and in the private collection of Juan A. Samaranch.

But neither has he renounced the tradition of Russian painting from before the revolution, of which we do not know whether he, in his modesty, considers himself heir. But for our part we believe that it is. But not only that When we see barskov's Venetian paintings, in which the detail of the buildings reaches the maximum we can not stop thinking of his illustrious predecessors in this field, especially in the "Canaletto", saving the distances of time and models, or in the British Turner, who made that city his favorite model. Barskow usually chooses palaces and bridges, tenement houses, waters and gondolas, always getting a color, backlights and reflections in the water of the canals very difficult to overcome. In this one, the color of the waters and that of the cloudy skies are also what make his painting a reality. We say realistic, but never hipe realistic, because our artist always leaves a little corner for the imagination. The great love and the great attraction he feels for Barcelona, especially for the current one, the one that followed the Olympics, a date marked for the city and for its port, for the skyscrapers and new roads, immortalized forever in the paintings of this artist of the brush and details. By the way, he has also traveled on some occasions to Tarragona lands, although in this case he has preferred the villages and their small hermitages, always with peculiar colors, neither too vivid nor muted tones In addition to an excellent artist of brushes and a lover of the urban landscape, he is a great worker, who without a doubt, as another famous of the fine arts would say, when inspiration comes, it is best to find yourself working.

El gran amor y la gran atracción que siente por Barcelona, sobre todo por la actual, la que siguió a las Olimpiadas, fecha señalada para la ciudad y para su puerto, para los rascacielos y nuevas vías, inmortalizadas para siempre en los cuadros de este artista del pincel y de los detalles. Por cierto, también ha recorrido en algunas ocasiones tierras tarraconenses, aunque en este caso haya preferido los pueblos y sus pequeñas ermitas, siempre con unos colores peculiares, ni demasiado vivos ni de tonos apagados Además de un excelente artista de los pinceles y un enamorado del paisaje urbano, es un gran trabajador, al que sin duda, como diría otro famoso de las bellas artes, cuando la inspiración llegue, lo mejor es que te encuentre trabajando.

  1. Gallery Bernard Felley. Paris, France
  2. Gallery Enedy. Hamburg, Germany

1995 Gallery Mayte Mu?oz.    Barcelona, Spain

1995/97 Council General of Russia, Barcelona, Spain

  1. Museum of History. Tarragona
  2. Gallery Infantas. Madrid, Spain
  3. Gallery Terraferma. Lleida.
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  5. Gallery Foz Sitges

2004  Gallery Terraferma.        Lleida

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2006 Gallery  Guidiemme.        Venice,

  1. Gallery Foz Sitges,

2007.Gallery MAR                  Barcelona,

  1. Gallery Marvelart London, England




  1. Gallery Repin. Helsinki, Finland
  2. Museum of City. Valence
  3. Academy of Fine Arts of Russia. Moscow
  4. Gallery La Pinacoteca Barcelona
  5. Gallery Granero. Brussel, Belgium

1998-2000 Mall Galleries.  London, England

  1. Gallery El Claustre Gerona,
  2. Gallery Marvelart London, England

2000-2008 Villanueva Fine Art    Seville

2003-2008 ArtEXPO,NY;AAf, London;ArtIreland,Dublin; ArteSevilla, Seville;ArtMoscow, Russia




Finalist Contest Caja de Ahorros de Granada 

Honorable Mention Painting Contest Altura (Castellón) 

1st Prize XX National Painting Contest City of Altura (Castellón) 

Finalist II Biennial of Painting Pascual Tomás.

Sponsors Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo 

Bancaja Foundation Award. Segorbe (Castellón)