Enrique Monís Mora

Enrique Monís Mora (Nerva, 1914-1982),

Huelva painter trained artistically in Seville and Paris. He devoted himself profusely to the painting of flowers, in the purest Dutch style. Author of prodigious still lifes, marinas, landscapes, floral ensembles and portraits. Autor de prodigiosos
bodegones, marinas, paisajes, conjuntos florales y retratos.

Enrique Monís Mora cultivated flowery still lifes like few others and specialized in this subject in his canvases. 

El Museo Vázquez Díaz de Nerva muestra sus fondos de arte.

 Two magnificent works, a portrait of José Mª Morón and a self-portrait, both from the early sixties, which the author gave in 1963 to the City Council of Nerva. Under a mining background of chimneys and red hills of his homeland he places the poet and he is portrayed painting his mother, with a brush in his right hand. Before being a painter of flowers as they wanted to call him, he built with firmness and strength a neat drawing of very good invoice.