Lugar de nacimiento: Prerov, República Checa, 1960


He studied at the Pilsen Academy of Art - painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic arts.

In Prague he expanded his knowledge, entering the Higher School of Fine Arts. At the end of these studies he continues to perfect and teach art classes. 

He also teaches Art Therapy techniques. This technique allows to transcend psychologically in the intellectual and social formation of the individual.

Drahoslav Solta is in permanent artistic search, since the process of creation in him never stops.

In front of his works, the spectator privileges the aesthetic enjoyment produced by the pieces of art of this exceptional artist.

In the numerous still lifes, Solta displays and communicates with styles of non-expressionist and calculated naïve art with great accuracy. His landscapes are marked by a cheerful and optimistic look, like the great masters of surrealism. (Excerpted from the commentary of Prof. Manfred Boetzkes).


In 1989 he settled in Andalusia, Spain. There begins a stage of artistic renewal, and influences the new approach, light and color of that new earth that opens its arms.

The artist gives himself intensely to a tireless production and with a remarkable response from international collectors, his name begins to be valued and offers for exhibitions arise.

It is between 1994 and 2009 that his works tour different Art Galleries.



– 1994  Expo individual de pintura de Unicaja – Ronda – Málaga

– 1994  Expo individual de pintura Galería La Toscana – Marbella – Málaga

– 1995  Galería Italia – Milán

– 1996  Galeria Marbella Art Studio Internacional – Marbella – Málaga

– 1999  Expo individual de pintura de Unicaja – Ronda – Málaga

– 1999  The Royal Society of British Sculptors – Dora House – South Kensington – London

– 2001  Finalista Certámen Internacional de Pinturas Costa del Sol – Corte Inglés

– 2001  Festival Internacional de Arte en San Francisco. USA

– 2002  Arte Sevilla – Andalucía

– 2002  Obras permanentes en Galería Arte Tamisa – Mijas – Málaga

– 2002  Holland Art Group – Holanda

– 2003  Arte Sevilla – Andalucía

– 2003  Feria Internacional de Arte Nueva York – USA

– 2004  Exposición Individual en Rosdorf – Göttingen – Alemania

– 2005  Galería del artista en Benahavis – Málaga

– 2006  Galería del artista en Benahavis – Málaga

– 2006  Exposición Permanente en Hotel Mirador de Salamanca

– 2007  Realiza y Expone en Iglesias y Catedrales en Braunschweig – Alemania 

– 2008  Exposición Individual en Puerto Banus – Marbella -Málaga.

– 2008  Galeria de Arte en Göttingen – Alemania

– 2009  Galeria de Arte en Göttingen – Alemania