Solá Puig Joan

(Barcelona 1950 )

Joan SOLÁ paints in a natural way, which reflects the Old Masters, soaking up the colour, air, smell and the pure scent of his environment. He delivers to his canvas the strange mix of emotion and poetry that reveals an earthly strength only attainable by some, capable of disregard and completely devoid of artifice and the anecdotal. With this approach he reaches and expresses the essentials.

Remarkably, his atmospheric mastery along with his poetic restraint and use of colour is a personal and rare ability, with a brushstroke application that is bold and vigorous but at the same time thoughtful and measured, to reach expressive but serene work capable of connecting so intimately with his audience.

Joan Solà is able to convey onto canvas in an infallible way. The shadows that appear to draw breath, the pulse of a dormant land, and with clear visions the harmonized values of close-ups from the past. He is able to reflect the sentiment developed from contact with nature with the eloquence and interpretation served by serene experiences.

Collections, awards and highlights:

•Acknowledged by their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain.
• A. Real el Príncipe de Asturias award
•Contemporary Museum of Art, Florida (USA).
• Museum of Art, Catalunya (Spain)
•Honorary Regional Council of Barcelona.
• The collection of Marqués de Muller, Barcelona (Spain). •
• The collection of “Art Reproduction Mallori” in Palma de Mallorca. •
The collection of Ayuntamiento de Vic at Galería de los Ilustres. •
Señor Hosakawa Kazuo collection (Japan) •
Señor Kenichi Yamaguchi collection (Japan)
• Erik Lange collection (Norway) •
Key collections in Spain, France, Germany Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Luxemburg, Italy, Monaco y Holland. •
The collection of “Caixa de Pensions”. •
The collection of the foundation “Casa del Actor” in Madrid 
• In 2003 he was appointed academic by the institute La Academia II Marzocco in Florence.