Disciple of Don Baldomero Romero Ressendi, a painter of recognized prestige in the twentieth century and of Don Manuel Monedero, a self-taught painter of recognized international prestige.

Formed in the museum of fine art in Seville in the years 1967 - 1971. Figurative realist painter, portraitist who knows various techniques and subjects. Cartoonist.

Painter from Seville Andalusia Gold Medal for Arts, Sciences and Letters of Seville. In 2006 Gold Medal of Fine Arts for the best exhibition and paintings exhibited in the city of Malaga, 1984 Tribute exhibition, Menacho su Obra, in the Real Alcázar, Seville 2007 Works in the Museum of San Juan de Dios (Palacio de los Pisas ) (Granada) Two works (3´00 X 2´00 m.) In the Altar of the Chapel of San Juan de Dios, Bormujos, Seville Rear door of Sin Sin (Cajón) del Rocío, of the Hermandad de Umbretes, Seville San Francisco Hospital, USA Cathedral of (Lisbon) Portugal General Curia of the Frati Minoni Cappuccini of Rome Exhibited in various international art galleries.

Works in various private collections. Art teacher with his own academy Training of students. Today graduates, PhDs and Masters in Fine Arts Master of drawing at the O.S.CU.S Foundation, Seville 1984

Artistic drawing teacher in the Spinal Cord Injury Unit of the San Juan de Dios Hospital. Bormujos, Seville 2011.

To say that his work is born and grows in a gestation of love and continuous search with the sole intention of giving him all the beauty that nature puts before his eyes to communicate with others. For all this, in his maturity he decides to approach the teachers and listen to their messages. Always from the depths of him he will continue on this path: "

In his works we find parcels of reality that do not even exist in reality. Color is his painting, a generous material that gains expressive force, sometimes materialized in strong fillings that increase their vigor due to the proximity of the complement. Light is an explosion of matter or just a whisper diluted in the immateriality of the gloom.

He uses with singular dexterity a wide repertoire of expressive resources, which allow him to adapt the subject to the overall objective of each of his works. Drawn with agility by means of fillings or revealing the lines of barely sketched shapes.

His extensive creative work shows us an artist with extensive technical resources, masterful in drawing, who dares to play with color with the confidence of an experienced magician, for whom the shape of the real world is a mere excuse from which to project, recreating it, his own world.

In his works we can find sensations, like echoes from the great tradition of Spanish painting always.