Born in the city of Santander in 1952
He is a painter self-taught of recognized artistic solvency, which was announced by his first individual exhibition in the middle of the decade of the 70s and since then it has not stopped harvesting the credit of critique and publicly.

Of exquisite lyric sensibility in the treatment of his topics, it has looked at his motives with tenderness and with tenderness it has expressed them.

MARNAY expresses inside a very peculiar impresionism of subtle modulations and soft tonalities, tending to reflect the most lyric impressions of the landscape with special predilection of the maritime landscapes and which it should want others in which the water he turns out to be a protagonist, doing a very personal treatment of low tides, beaches, sandbanks and streets caressed by the rain, in which using very atomized colors creates a work full of feelings.

A painting, his own, intimate, for emotion, with special predilection for seascapes and any others in which water is the protagonist, making a very personal treatment of low tides, beaches, sands or streets caressed by the rain, in which using very atomized colors creates an evocative personal work.

Entering where he wants to be and feel, delving into what surrounds him, feels or stimulates him, flees from conventions or idioms, trying to be true to himself.

According to Jose Hierro, one of the best poets of our letters, " MARNAY does as a painter who was a poet; or as a poet who was dominating the plastic expression " - " he is a great narrator of sandbanks in the low tide; blurry sandbanks for the fog, for the calima " - … he was saying that in his painting there is neither anecdote, nor social, but simple moralizing simply, painting, marine landscape turned " in state of mind ".



Of wide artistic curriculum it possesses numerous individual exhibitions for the whole Spain and foreigner: Mexico, New York, London, Dublin, etc. London, Dublin, etc., and participated in various group exhibitions, Awards and Art Fairs, exceeding two hundred presences, while his works appear in numerous Museums, City Councils, Foundations and Public Entities. Likewise, his work is present in numerous private collections in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Italy, Uruguay, Guatemala, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Zimbabwe, USA, Canada, Portugal or Spain.

Among other achievements, he illustrates with his work various books, album cover, ceramic murals, official portrait president of the Parliament of Cantabria 1996, poster Bullfighting Fair Santiago 2005 of Santander, etc.

It appears in several encyclopedias of Art and diverse specialized publications they have dealt with his work.