Juan Bautista Nieto

Juan Bautista Nieto was born in Seville (Spain) in 1963

There he continued his studies on childhood and guided by his father (doctor of medicine) was encouraged from a very young age to become a doctor. However, every day on her way to school she passed a professional painter's studio and through the window she observed the artist at work. Thus began his secret fascination with painting and drawing which he suppressed due to family pressure to follow his father's profession.

He studied at the Seville School of Medicine, where, as part of his tutorial program, he came into daily contact with inert and anonymous bodies. In later years it was an attempt to demonstrate a formative influence on his understanding and appreciation of human anatomy.

On the death of his father, Nieto made the decision to renounce landmark medicine in favor of his secret passion for painting and drawing. Seriously, he started drawing and painting initially studying privately on his own, but later embarked on a series of studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Sevilla.

His work presents an exaggerated obsession with recreating a reality that goes beyond the precise representation of a photograph. He transcends the theme and concept of hyperrealism using it as a vehicle to take us to another level where an extraordinary kind of intensity is reached that, paradoxically, creates a clear sense of unreality.

His technique is so obsessive and demanding and thorough. Every facet of your subject is depicted with minute-to-minute accuracy and impersonal detail. Its materials are oil and acrylic combined to build an accumulation of delicate and continuous layers of tones and multiple tones of light, shadows and density.

Like other hyper-realistic painters, he produces very few paintings each year. His major works take between six and nine months to complete. With some justification, Nieto is considered within Spanish art circles as one of the most prominent exponents of hyperrealism in Spain today.


His first personal exhibition takes place in 1985.

From this moment on, his works are exhibited in the most recognized art fairs such as Art International America (Miami. USA), Art Miami (Miami. USA), NewYork ArtExpo, ACAF-5 Australia (Melbourne) , ANEX Museum (Japan), TAF- 96 (Taiwan), EUROPART (Geneva. Switzerland), INTERART (Valencia. Spain), SAN FRANCISCO ART FAIR (San Francisco. USA), etc.

His works have participated in traveling exhibitions such as "Los Secretos del Desnudo de" exhibited at the Provincial Museum of Vigo (Spain) and the Provincial Museum of Jaén (Spain), etc.

In December 2003, the Spanish Government choose one of its paintings «La certeza Imposible» 25th Anniversary of the Constitution, which is celebrated with the realization of a special edition of the postage stamp.

JBNieto también participó en este momento en exposiciones colectivas como «Hidden Beauty» San Hermenegildo Palace, Sevilla (España) o «Arte Contemporáneo de Colecciones Privadas» Casa Colón, Huelva (España).

In the period 2004/2010 his work is exhibited in «Albemarle Gallery» (London), «NAXICA GALLERY» (Mexico), both solo exhibitions. «SOKOA GALLERY» (Madrid), «FORNI GALLERY» Bologna and Milan (Italy), «CUADRO MULTA ART GALLERY» (Dubai), «MEDIEVO prossimo VENTURO» Palazzo Pretorio (Florence), etc.

Juan Bautista Nieto has also worked on the illustration of literary texts and is the author of a couple of technical books «Advanced drawing techniques» and «Supports, funds and media»

1985 Obra reciente. Sala Imagen. Obra cultural de la Caja de Ahorros San Fernando de Sevilla.

2003 SAMMER GALLERY. Puerto Banus. Spain – ALBEMARLE GALLERY . Solo Exhibition. London

2007 ALBEMARLE GALLERY . Solo Exhibition. London – GALERÍA SOKOA. Madrid. Spain.


1986 Collective exhibition. "New exhibition of Loreño painters". Cultural work of Monte de Piedad and Caja de Ahorros de Sevilla. Lora del Río.

Caja de Ahorros de Sevilla. Lora del Río.

1987 Tribute to Baldomero Romero Ressendi. Athenaeum of Seville.

1989 Exposición colectiva. Zöersel. Bélgica.

1990  Exposición colectiva. Galería Heller. Madrid. Exposición colectiva. Galería Pórticus. Málaga.

1991  Exposición colectiva. Galería Garduño. Sevilla. Exposición colectiva. Galería Sadartys. Sevilla.

1992 Collective exhibition. Villanueva Gallery. Seville.

1993 EUROPART. Feria Internacional de Arte. Ginebra. Suiza. Salón Siglo XX Art Show. Marbella. Málaga.

INTERART. Feria Internacional de Arte. Valencia.

1994  Exposición colectiva. Galería Villanueva. Sevilla.

1995  Exposición colectiva. Galería Villanueva. Sevilla. Exposición colectiva. Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones. Sevilla

INTERART. Feria Internacional de Arte. Valencia.

1996 ART AMERICAS 96. Feria Internacional de Arte. Miami. U.S.A.

ARTEXPO NEW YORK 96. Feria Internacional de Arte. Nueva York.

ARTE+SUR. Feria Internacional de Arte. Granada.

ARTEXPO. Feria Internacional de Arte. Barcelona.

TRESSORS. Feria Internacional de Arte. Singapore. . Feria Internacional de Arte. Yakarta.

Fine Arts & Jewels of Asia’ 96. Singapore.

ACAF- 5. Fith Australian Contemporary Art Fair. Royal Exibition Building Melbourne.Octubre. Melbourne.

ANEX Museum. Hong Kong. Octubre. Hong Kong.

TAF´96. Taiwan Art Fair. Noviembre. Taiwan.

1997-2003  SAMMER GALLERY. Puerto Banus. Spain

ARTEXPO NEW YORK 99. IAF. Nueva York. U.S.A.

ARTEXPO. San Francico. U.S.A.

ARTESEVILLA. International Art Fair. Seville. Spain.

SECRET OF NUDES. Museo Provincial de Jaen. Spain.

SECRET OF NUDES. Museo Provincial de Vigo. Spain.


HASSOLD GALERY. Ausburg. Alemania.

LA PRIMAVERA. Exposición colectiva. Sala de Exposiciones Museísticas CajaSur. Córdoba.

BELLEZA OCULTA. Exposición colectiva. Pintura de colecciones particulares. Sala San Hermenegildo. Sevilla.

ARTE CONTEMPORANEO EN COLECCIONES PRIVADAS. Exposición colectiva. Casa de Colón. Huelva.

MINT MUSEUM. Commemorative exhibition 25th Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution. Madrid. Spain.

The Mint issues a stamp -block sheet- (put into circulation 5 December 2003) with one of his works representing the Judiciary on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.

2004 – 2007 ART MIAMI 2004. Feria Internacional de Arte. Miami. U.S.A

NUDO. GALERÍA FORNI. Exposición colectiva. Bolonia. Italia .

GALERÍA FORNI. Exposición colectiva. Milán . Italia.

Exposición colectiva de Obra y sellos de Correos. Museo de la Ciencia de Valencia.

MEDIEVO PROSSIMO VENTURO. Palazzo Pretorio. Florencia. Italia

ART MIAMI 2005. Feria Internacional de Arte. Miami. USA.

ALBEMARLE GALLERY. What´s realism?. International exhibition. (curated by Edward Lucie-Smith) London

ALBEMARLE GALLERY . Thenth anniversary. London. England.

GALERÍA SOKOA. REALISMO 30 aniversario. Esposición colectiva extraordinaria.

2008 – 2010 REALISM REDEFINED. Cuadro Fine Art Gallery. Dubai. Enero de 2009