José Casamayor

José Casamayor Sánchez Sánchez (born November 22, 1951 in Vélez-Málaga, Spain) is a Spanish artist, especially dedicated to stone sculpture.

José Casamayor began, at the age of eight, in the disciplines of drawing and painting, when he attended the classes taught by the Granada watercolorist Juan de Dios Morcillo at the art school of Vélez-Málaga. There he has as companions the painter Evaristo Guerra and the poet, playwright and painter, Joaquín Lobato. Despite entering the world of art through drawing and painting, Casamayor will soon orient his creations -in a self-taught way- towards the field of sculpture, experimenting in his first works with the technique of clay modeling.

Work and artistic style

The work of this Veleño artist can be recognized by the use of a series of elements -ropes, knots and screws carved in stone- that are present in a large part of his production.3 Among the themes chosen for his sculptures, the representations of windows, the female body or animals predominate -especially horses that he carves in calatorao stone, limestone that he personally chooses in the quarry and that he chisels directly without the help of previous scale models.

In addition to the creation of sculptural works in stone, wood or bronze, in which he mixes classical and surrealist elements.Casamayor has also dedicated himself to experimenting with painting or collage. Drawing has also been a technique mastered by the artist.


The professional career of this artist began in 1976, the year in which he made his first solo exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the Provincial Savings Bank of Vélez-Málaga. From then on, there have been other exhibitions -both individual and collective- mostly hosted in different locations in the province of Malaga. In 1996 he exhibited for the first time outside Spain, in a group show in Brussels (Belgium), a city where he will exhibit his creations periodically. Casamayor's work has also been exhibited in other parts of Spain such as Madrid, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida or Seville, as well as in Italy.

Selected Public & Private Collections

His sculptural work is both in the hands of private collectors and exhibited in public spaces.

Some of his public sculptures can be seen in places such as Vélez Málaga, Málaga, Nerja, Benamocarra, Benalmádena, Torre del Mar, Guadix, Arenas, Zaragoza, Logroño, Gerona or Calitri, in Italy.

He has also made several sculptures for Processional of Holy Week in his birthplace.



José Casamayor has won numerous awards for his work; In addition, throughout his professional career, he has received several honorable mentions.

1980 to 1999 1998. II Malaga Prize I Malaga Prize 1992. I Malaga Prize 1993. III Parla Prize (Madrid) 1995. II Cádiz Award 1996. II Santisteban del Puerto Award (Jaén) Honorable Mentions and selected in various Contests. Works in public places and entities. Vélez Málaga, Nerja, Benamocarra, Madrid, Benalmadena, Calitri, Utebo, Guadix and Periana. Várias sculptures for Easter steps in Vélez Málaga Symposium in Calitri (Naples) 2003 Utebo Symposium in Zaragoza 2005 Symposium Monzón (Huesca) 2006



He has also participated in several art fairs that have taken place in cities such as Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Seville, Marbella, Santander, Belgium, London, Las Vegas or San Francisco.

From 1985 to 2002 Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, Seville, Belgium, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Marbella, London and California.