Ignacio Alcaría

Ignacio Alcaría

1948 He is born into a family of traditional cobblers in Las Peñas Street in Valverde del Camino.

1954 He attends the local Primary School “Menéndez y Pelayo”.

1959 He leaves school to work as an apprentice cobbler, a goat shepherd and a beekeeper.

1962 He studies in the “José Antonio” Arts and Trades Workshop in Valverde del Camino and qualifies as a Electrician.

1965 He registers in the School of Mine Technicians in Huelva. He leaves this after a few months and enters the Santa Isabel de Ungría College of Fine Arts in Seville.

Ignacio Alcaria dedicated himself to various trades in his early years, until in 1965 he entered the School of Fine Arts of Santa Isabel de Hungary, in Seville. Three years later he settled in France, and after his return he obtained the First Prize of the Painting Contest of Zalamea la Real. That same year, 1970, he held his first solo exhibition at the Banco de Bilbao, in Huelva

From then on he will take part in numerous competitions, being awarded first prizes in several of them, and exhibits individually and collectively in various cities in Spain, Latin America, Portugal, the United States, Germany and Belgium. In 1980 he founded the Municipal School of Painting of Valverde del Camino, and since then he will combine artistic practice and the samples of his work with teaching.

In 1989 he held an important solo show at the Sala Serrano in Madrid, which was inaugurated by Diego Angulo, former director of the Prado Museum. He has also made several posters, such as the Holy Week in Aracena or the Valverde Fair, both in 2000. In 2005 he won the Gold Medal of the City of Valverde del Camino for his artistic career. It is currently mainly represented in private collections

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