Paco Diaz

Paco Díaz

Francisco (Paco) DÍAZ y DÍAZ – (Sevilla 1918 + Santander 1989)

He studied at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Seville. He graduated as a professor of painting and drawing. He also studied Mercantile Expert.

Fellow disciple of Baldomero Romero Ressendi with whom he worked on the murals of the church of the Valley of the Fallen, which did not end.

In 1953, an American general proposed an exhibition in the casino of Estoril, he lived in Portugal for a long time making portraits.

In 1954, he married Christiane Boissie, daughter of the harpist Louise Charpentier, niece of the composer Gustave Charpentier, author of the opera "Louise".

He lived in Seville, Cordoba, Madrid, Antwerp (Belgium) and made several trips to Paris and Santander, where he stayed to live definitively.

He made a video where he paints two girls without any cuts in the scene.

In Paris he portrays the widow of Venizelos, president of Crete, at the George V Hotel

In Madrid he painted a bar in San Martín de Valdeiglesias and painted a three-leaf screen for Jose María Pemán

In Seville he met Pancho Cossio, decorated many bars and painted a church, next to the Betis field.

In Cordoba he decorated the Office of Information and Tourism

Dr. Sierra Cano, head of the Valdecilla hospital in Santander, has the best and largest collection of paintings by Paco Díaz.