MARNAY(José Antonio González Gómez)

Born in the city of Santander in 1952 he is a painter self-taught of recognized artistic solvency, which was announced by his first individual exhibition in the middle of the decade of the 70s and since then it has not stopped harvesting the credit of critique and publicly.

Of exquisite lyric sensibility in the treatment of his topics, it has looked at his motives with tenderness and with tenderness it has expressed them.

MARNAY expresses inside a very peculiar impresionism of subtle modulations and soft tonalities, tending to reflect the most lyric impressions of the landscape with special predilection of the maritime landscapes and which it should want others in which the water he turns out to be a protagonist, doing a very personal treatment of low tides, beaches, sandbanks and streets caressed by the rain, in which using very atomized colors creates a work full of feelings.

Painter specialist in this difficult kind marinista, whose wide one and consolidated artistic path is recognized today native and internationally.

According to Jose Hierro, one of the best poets of our letters, " MARNAY does as a painter who was a poet; or as a poet who was dominating the plastic expression " - " he is a great narrator of sandbanks in the low tide; blurry sandbanks for the fog, for the calima " - … he was saying that in his painting there is neither anecdote, nor social, but simple moralizing simply, painting, marine landscape turned " in state of mind ".

Of wide artistic curriculum it possesses numerous individual exhibitions for the whole Spain and foreigner: Mexico, New York, London, Dublin, etc. And informed in diverse collective exhibitions, Prizes and Fairs of Art, simultaneously that his works appear in numerous collections deprived of Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Uruguay, Guatemala, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Zimbabwe, USA. Canada, Portugal or Spain.

It appears in several encyclopedias of Art and diverse specialized publications they have dealt with his work.

The sea, the shore, the man: source of my inspiration, pleasure of wandering admiring the nature, meditation, loneliness, calm, happiness, contradiction, serenity, freedom.

I´ m always concerned by the environment, the nature, the man, hi destiny. I open myself to the perceptions for receiving them uncontaminated, enjoying the small things, submitting myself completely to a frame of mind until this frame of mind, this emotion submits at the same time and shows me its secrets, feeling then the impressions that I need for expressing them.

After one establish the passionate fight of painting. Immediately after, always…always…there is a silence, a pause. You feel the deep sensation of freedom the power for doing and conceiving yours individual’s feelings for moulding yours individual’s sensations. I presage it undress.

The sea, the shore, the man: the painting is inside my head before painting it. The challenge, the unknown, the passionate fight is getting shape in the best way that I ´m capable. The challenge, the adventure, the creation, begins before a white canvas.

After….silence, silence, and constant work in loneliness. Work and more work until obtain the dignified shape of expressing it.

It is the fight, the happiness, the suffering, it is….THE ART.

The Art´ alchemy is, just transforming the emotion in shape and is difficult to know when the balance arrives between them.

Some times you look for and some times you find and other times simply you find.

Finds suspected and less suspected with allusions or without them, many times produce from an impression jealously sheltered. I drink in the fountains of the nature, living with intensity and enthusiasm all what has inspired me.

Watching with tenderness and gently moulded, omitting and modifying, adding and inventing, sliding gently the brush that I have before me is taking shape…

This sweet quietude that I want transmit, this sea that gently kiss the shore, this translucent atmosphere that suggesting without tell every think I try to impose between the picture and the viewer for you sensibility do the last brushstroke.

The seagull, with it calm presence, make me to appreciate more the freedom. The human figure, treated with poetry, make me forget the reality.

Now those first impression, those first feeling is taking colour and shape in the canvas. The joy felt by experimenting the intrinsically harmony between the emotion and the end of the work is that I deeply love.

Contrary to the old tradition of Santones, dictators of fashion, rulers and dogmatics who repeat every day universal and categorical truths I am never sure about any thing. I only know that the eternal pleasure of painting nobody can take it me.

I whish when you contemplate my work you enjoy with it quietly.
I Whish ¡