* Pre-selected for The Threadneedle Prize 2012
* Short-listed for ‘Final selection Day’, BP Portrait Awards 2008
* Televised by BBC2 and short-listed for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2007
* 3rd Prize Populo Concurso del Verano, Cádiz 2007
* Collections of works exist in over 30 countries world-wide

Studied at: Goldsmiths College London, Canterbury Christchurch University, University of Kent

My work is mainly representative and expressive. Recently, I have been intent on making portraits. Apart from friends, family and Flamenco dancers, sitters include the late Professor John Hoyland RA and the celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. I especially like to make paintings. When I paint, it feels like a tense act of exploration, where colour, texture and movement is concerned. Sometimes, I take huge risks and abandon my brush in favour of lavish injections of paint. Some might call this 'Action Painting'. Despite these seemingly random acts, precision is a concern along with a desire to touch and move the viewer in some way. I greatly admire David Hockney for his energetic, unstinting approach to his work. My Burmese mother was also influential. She often sculpted forms out of cement in the garden and had a clear, unconventional idea of what she perceived as being beautiful. My father introduced me to the local library where my imagination was fueled and the museum, where I would obsessively study the skeleton of a Roman soldier. At 13, I was a serious painter. I hopped on trains into nearby into central London to visit galleries and museums. At 17, I saw the ‘Turner’ exhibition at the Royal Academy and was deeply impressed.

Previous experiences include teaching young children and adults, lecturing in ‘Early Childhood Education’ and ‘Art’, along with composing music and studying Flamenco Dance. I stopped full-time teaching 14 years ago (then post-compulsory), to devote myself professionally to making art. It wasn’t easy. For the first year, I made portraits as an alternative to the school photo. This proved a helpful, insightful discipline.

For the past 12 years I have been painting in Barcelona, Cádiz and now, Whitstable. 6 years ago, I had the privilege of working as resident artist in ‘Santa Catalina’, a beautiful, 16th century fortress in Cádiz. I now spend most time painting in my studio and when I put the brush down, Flamenco dancing and leading an informal group of singers called 'The Shed Singers'.